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         Worship                                  9:30 am
          Fellowship                            10:30 am
          Sunday School (all ages)       10:45 am

          Boy Scout Troop 257             7:00 pm

            Bible Explorations                  7:00 pm

 Monthly Committee Meetings

    ASK Board Meeting            8:30 am 2nd Saturday
    Church Growth                    6:00 pm 2nd Tuesday
    Deacon                                5:00 pm 2nd Tuesday
    Session                                7:00 pm 3rd  Thursday
    Womenís Circle                   9:30 am 2nd Thursday
    Worship                               1:00 pm 3rd  Tuesday


Sunday & Wednesday
            ASK Ministries (location rotates among member churches - contact church office for time, day, and location) 

          Choir                                7:00 (Sep-May)

            Girl Scout Troop 30408 7:00 (school year)

 During Lent
            Lenten Luncheon - the four Thursdays preceding Holy Week at noon


Other Meetings - Contact the church office for details

             Annual Meeting
            Christian Education           
            FPC Relaxed Readers
            Meet Your Neighbors (Saturday following Labor Day Weekend)
            Pastor Relations 

Special Worship Opportunities

We celebrate the Lordís Supper the first Sunday of the month.
Christmas Eve
Ash Wednesday
Maundy Thursday
Easter Sunday
Motherís Day
Fatherís Day
Church picnic
Youth Sunday


401 North Walnut Street ē Plymouth, Indiana 46563